I'm San from McLean, VA, a Fullstack Javascript Developer. I work on Angular and Node. I am also learning the react ecosystem and loving it!

I create static websites in my free time. I also created a small add-on for Firefox.

I dig open source and I do have some repos in github. Below chart shows how I've been doing this year on github:

San's Github chart

If you'd like to read my posts, check my blog.

If you'd like to hire me, send me an email or create an issue.

My Blog Posts

My First Firefox Add-on

I have always wanted to create my own extension to the browser I use. Earlier, Chrome was my favorite. But, Firefox wins these days as Chrome is relatively slower. This time I really needed the add-on for myself.

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Hello World! - Hosting with Github

I had created my site and blog a few years ago on my birthday. I started with a very cheap host that offered hosting at $1/mo. That comes with a price. Your site might go down at any time. That didn’t bother me much at that time. Initially, my site contained a few static html pages while my blog was a wordpress site. I was happy with wordpress as it offered me a good looking blog with minimal configuration.

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