Terraform Certification

2021, Nov 24    

TL;DR: Resources for Terraform Certification.

Terraform is great!

Terraform is one of my favorite technologies. I have been using it for a long time and I am very excited to share my experience with others. That’s the reason I created this terraform 101 tutorial as well. Once you understand the core concepts behind Terraform and how to use it, you will be able to create your own infrastructure in minutes. Not only the infrastructure, but also anything that can be done with Terraform.

Terraform Certification

Once you got the hang of the basics, you might wanna get certified and make it official. This is where I am trying to help you. Hashicorp, the organization behind Terraform and serveral other good stuff like Vault, Packer etc. has created a certification program for Terraform. I had received a notification not so long ago that this program will undergo a change. But, that shouldn’t affect his post much. I will post an update as soon as it happens.

How to Prepare?

I have seen people learning something to get certified in it. I am the opposite. I get certified to learn something deeper. I would recommend the same to you. Your goal shouldn’t be the credentials. Your goal should be to learn something deeper and truly understand it.

Hashicorp Official Resources

Terraform Documentation is one of the best written resources out there. It easily beats any other 3rd party resources you might find in the wild. There’s also several tutorials available for you in Hashicorp Learn.

Exam Prep

The certification page itself offers you both the study guide for preparing and the review guide for checking your knowledge.

Practice Questions

This set of Terraform Practice Questions is a great resource for you to practice your knowledge. Though you don’t have to be an expert in HCL, you should be able to answer questions on commond string functions and this resource would help you get a taste of it. If you have Udemy access through your work, it wouldn’t hurt to try out some practice tests there.

All the best for your exam! Please do share your experience afterwards.