Hello World! - Hosting with Github

2015, Jul 26    

I had created my site and blog a few years ago on my birthday. I started with a very cheap host that offered hosting at $1/mo. That comes with a price. Your site might go down at any time. That didn’t bother me much at that time. Initially, my site contained a few static html pages while my blog was a wordpress site. I was happy with wordpress as it offered me a good looking blog with minimal configuration.

All these years there were a few times my site went down along with my blog. Everytime, I had to go through the painful ritual of looking for an outdated backup (the host didn’t help) and set up the db for wordpress. However, I’ve matured a little as a developer all these years and I had to stop it.

So, this time I did not go to a traditional host. I’ve decided to minimize cost while not compromising the uptime. As a github user, I’m entiteled to github pages. I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, it was very easy. Verrrry easy!

Thanks to Jekyll Now for making this possible.