# Santhosh Kumar "San" Srinivasan ### Solutions Architect, Cloud / DevOps Engineer

## Profile - **AWS Certified** Solutions Architect - **Bachelor's Degree** in Computer Applications. - AWS Cloud Engineer with **12 years** of experience in IT industry comprising of DevOps, SRE, Solutions Architect, Full Stack Development, Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Build and Release Management. - In-depth knowledge and Hands-on experience using **AWS cloud** services like **Compute, Network, Storage, Database, Serverless and Identity & Access Management**. - Strong experience designing and deploying **highly available, resilient, cost-effective, fault-tolerant, and scalable distributed systems** on AWS. - Knowledge of recommended best practices for building **enterprise-wide scalable, secure, self-healing and reliable** applications on AWS. - Leveraging **AWS, Terraform, Python** and bash to rapidly provision **multi-team cloud environments**. - Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems - Implement cost-control strategies such as resizing, offhours downsizing and shooting for optimum utilization ratio. - Currently managing devops for a Fast paced development team for an Enterprise wide Python Web Portal. - Maintaining highly available, resilient AWS environments with **RTO < 1 hour and RPO near real time**. - Engaged in Vulnerability Management for both infrastructure and application components. - Collaborated with team of 8 developers on git and github with branching strategy, segregation of duty and release management. - Developed CI/CD Pipeline for Infrastructure and Code Deployment using Github, Jenkins, Artifactory from code check-in to Production Deployment. - Set up Terraform backends, modules and varfiles to manage multiple environments with same Infrastructure code. - Responsible for ensuring **Systems & Network Security**, maintaining performance and setting up monitoring using **CloudWatch, DataDog, NewRelic and PagerDuty**.
## Skills - **Cloud**: AWS - **DevOps**: Terraform, CloudFormation, AWS SDK (Boto3) - **CI/CD**: Jenkins, Artifactory - **Containerization**: Docker, Kubernetes - **Scripting**: Python, Perl, Shell - **Web/App Servers**: Apache, nginx, uWSGI - **SCM**: git, Github, ServiceNow - **OS**: UNIX, Linux (RHEL, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu) - **DB**: SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite - **Programming**: C, Javascript - **Monitoring**: DataDog, NewRelic, Splunk - **Automation**: Selenium, Puppeteer - **Other Tools**: jMeter, RegEx


### DevOps Engineer #### Client: Top US FinCorp ##### AWS, Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Agile - Manage DEV, QA, PROD environments with **Terraform** - Perform routine regional failover and disaster recovery exercises - Secure components in a multi-team cloud environment - Automate deployments with bash and Jenkins - Create S3 buckets and secure them using IAM and Bucket Policies - Manage LifeCyclePolicies to move objects to different S3 tiers and Glacier - Use Terraform to manage and provision **Infrastructure as Code** - Write bash wrapper scripts to enable developers to deploy and destroy terraform managed mini environments with one click - Set up monitors and dashboards using **DataDog** - Install and Configure **NewRelic** for APM - Manage AWS Services EC2, Lambda, S3, ELB, Route53, EFS and IAM - Set up Alarms in CloudWatch for monitoring EC2 and RDS performance - Create and maintain Dockerfiles for Python Flask Applications - Use **Jira** to track effort and manage sprints - Create and advocate branching strategy and best practices for Github based collaboration with Developers. - Utilize Route53 to manage DNS records and CNAMEs - Create **custom AMIs** for faster boot time and efficient Auto Scaling - Manage weekly releases with several teams working on the same monolithic application - Migrate a monolithic app to a microservices based architecture - Create Infrastructure and Code Deployments using established Change Management Process
###### 2017 - 2020 ###### Cognizant USA
### Senior Developer #### Client: Top US Retailer ##### C++, UNIX, Perl, SQL - Develop and Test EMV Payment Cards functionality with Tokenization in POS systems - Write performant, PCI compliant tokenization code to tokenize card numbers on the fly using STL boost libraries. - Enhance C and C++ POS and Post Processing Applications - Write High Performance code to process trillions of lines in text files - Convert billions of existing database records and log files with PAN to tokenized PAN across stores - Use Regular Expressions to identify different types of Credit Card Numbers and Providers - Manage deployments to 1700 retail stores across US in different time zones - Write monitoring scripts to profile and assess backend applications' peformance - Collaborate with Performance Testing teams to test against estaplished KPIs from business - Write concurrent scripts to simulate peak load to different applications - Create parsing logic to extract logs and assess rate of failures in a legacy environment - Triaged production and deployment issues in War room environments and provided workarounds and solutions - Plan and execute scaling during peak events during Holiday Season - Architect and deploy custom configurations to scale dynamically based on traffic volume
###### 2016 - 2017 ###### Cognizant USA
### Developer #### Client: Top US Retailer ##### C, Pro* C, UNIX, SQL - Write, compile and deploy Pro*C components for integration with Planogram application - Rewrite EOD processing with 50 modules - Write Perl CGI app to provide web interface to AIX boxes - Write Shell and Perl scripts to automate tasks - Monitor logs across POS and backstore applications to track and identify missing transactions - Review Developers code for adherence to coding standards, performance, and security requirements - Create and Manage dotfiles to efficiently manage development server envrionment using bash and ksh scripts - Collaborate with Mainframe developers to triage daily batch file transfers
###### 2009 - 2015 ###### Cognizant India