About San

I am a Full Stack Javascript Developer. I live in McLean, VA.

I love to code. Figuring out how to get something done and then optimizing to do it better make my day. As a full time developer, I work on Angular and Node projects. I am getting into react these days and loving its simplicity.

I have been a fan of web development since college days (remember geocities!?). So, I learnt HTML, CSS and JS on my own and experiment with what I learn. I do make some static websites occasionally. I made one for my wedding recently.

I love FOSS. I love the concept of contributing to the software that you use and being able to figure out why something works in a specific way. Also, being able to customize it as per your needs is something to cherish. I give back on Github and Stack Overflow.

I love games that has strategy and tactics. Chess is my favorite. I also play ping pong sometimes and I am decent at it.

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More Information

Github: sanspace

Twitter: 2sks

Chess.com: sanspace

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